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Dear Valinda and Doug

    Our stay was outstanding, neither what you said nor your pictures do justice to the beauty of your home.  You and your wife have obviously outstanding taste both in your choice of locations and in the decoration of your delightful cottage.  I cannot say enough what a great time we had or how happy I am that I decided to go with your property. In addition as you stated on numerous occasions Israel is really a great guy and went out of his way to be useful though never intrusive.  Please thank him again for us when you speak to him next.  If there is anything we can do for you, such as give on-line feedback for your property or act as references for future renters don't hesitate to ask.      

     -  Danny and Nicole 


Doug & Valinda:

Thanks for everything!  The wedding was beautiful and the honeymoon was too!  We had so much fun at your tropical paradise.  Mr. Israel was very helpful to us.  We enjoyed snorkeling (a lot!), hiking and the fishing was great too!  On days the Atlantic was too windy to fish we would just walk to the Caribbean side and catch dinner.  Everyone on the island was extremely friendly.  The days we did not have the car and decided to walk to town we would inevitably be picked up by a local.  We really enjoyed the tranquility and seclusion of your house! 

Thanks, again, for everything!!  We would be interested in returning to spend one of our anniversaries there!

 - Leanne and Jamie 


Valinda & Doug,

We had a marvelous time at your lovely beach home. We had three nice sunny days where we were able to enjoy the beach and sun. Exploring the area was also fun. The glass bridge was amazing, hard to believe the difference thirty feet can make! The cliffs were also amazing as was rainbow beach. Israel was nice and helpful and checked on us a couple of times. We met your English neighbor from up the hill and saw two people on the beach approximately 100 yards away on Wednesday for 30 min. Very private indeed! We snorkeled right in front of the house and saw a vast assortment of fish. None of which I could identify. We also saw a huge sea turtle one early morning close to shore (10ft) and in our snorkeling area, the nerve. Unfortunately we were not in the water, it was rough that morning and cold, and by the time I got down the stairs with the snorkeling equipment the turtle was gone.

The days were relaxing, the sunrises especially beautiful and the memories and experiences will keep us coming back.   More later with pictures. We only took 100 digital and 6 rolls of 35mm!

 - Lang


Valinda & Doug,

It was nice to meet you both at the airport.  I hope the salt water and sea breeze helped to heal you quickly so you could enjoy your stay.  We had a wonderful time and appreciated the opportunity to stay at your new home.  It was perfectly suited for us - nice, on the water with our own coral reef, out of the way but still convenient to town, Tippy’s, CocodiMama, etc. and centrally located so we could explore the entire island (which we saw from Harbor Island to Rock Sound and everything in between and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in doing so)  I have included quite a few photos including pictures of our favorite spots and I added a few of the better photos i.e.., sunrise and sunset from the house and misc. other shots from all over Eleuthera.

Thanks again for making a memorable start to our New Year.

Take Care,

Clark, Lucy &  David

  By the way, I would also recommend Yellow Air Taxi to anyone flying over (who is not concerned on a 7-seat Cessna).  They have limited flights but for a charter company are competitive with the major airlines and it is an unbelievably convenient and affordable way to spoil yourself.  Especially if departing/arriving from FLL - their Private Jet Center was a treat.  AND where did you find Israel?  What a hoot!  He was great and such an excellent, cheerful host.



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